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Organize hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and more! Perfect for use in garages, service stations, RVs and even inside trucks and vans.

Magnetic Tool Holders
Heavy-duty permanent magnet assemblies hold large or small tools and metal parts firmly and securely in place. Perfect for workshops, garages, kitchens manufacturing facilities, maintenance areas, even inside trucks and vans. When mounted to any surface, these tool bars are held firmly in place by welded tabs, with 1/4” holes for screws, which are more secure and durable than metal clips or rubber strips. Mounting hardware included. Pull strengths of over 20 lbs. per inch
Description Length Holes Center to Center Price Qty
Black powder-coated tool holder with yellow stripe 13" 10" $15.95
Nickel-plated tool holder with red stripe 13" 10" 19.80
Black powder-coated tool holder with yellow stripe 24" 16" 20.85
Nickel-plated tool holder with red 24" 16" 26.40
Screwdriver Magnetizer/ Demagnetizer
Quickly and easily make small tools magnetic to keep those hard-to-handle screws and nuts in position. Simply insert a screwdriver, nut runner, etc., into the hole, pull it out, and it’s magnetized! For extra magnetic strength, leave the Magnetizer on the tool while in use. Simply pass the tool through one of the channels on the side of the magnet to demagnetize it. Then the tool can be safely used with computers and other magnetically sensitive equipment. It’s the perfect accessory for machine shops, manufacturing plants and anywhere people use screwdrivers and other small tools! #WZRA07224B
Only! $7.65 ea
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Nail Starter™
Magnetic thumb saver is an inexpensive tool for setting nails. This patented hand tool is ideal for do-it-yourself and home improvement as well as for professional contractor and interior design jobs. Nail Starter™ is a 5-3/4" long handle with a powerful magnet on one end that magnetically holds a nail, screw, rivet or staple in a starting position to prevent thumb injuries. This handy tool is especially helpful in situations where the nail is smaller than the fingers that are trying to hold it. Nail Starter™ is available in red, white, blue, yellow and orange.
Only! $2.00 ea
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Magnetic Trays
Keep loose nuts, screws and other small metal items in reach. Smooth stainless steel trays have powerful ceramic magnets with rubber covers in the base to secure them to a metal toolbox or table while keeping important metal pieces at hand. Store metal parts and tools during assembly and disassembly. Ideal for mechanics, craftsmen and hobbyists. •Works in any position - flat, sideways or upside down. Heavy gauge, stainless steel with rubber base to prevent scratching. Great for jobsite, garage, office and home.
Magnetic Tray, Large Rectangle, 14” x 6.25” x 1.5" H, Price: $20.95
Magnetic Tray, Rectangle, 9.5” x 5.6” x 1.5" H, Price: $13.60
Magnetic Tray, Round, 6” dia. x 1.5" H, Price: $7.30

Powerful Magnetic Bulk Lifter
Transfer and pick up nails, screws, nuts or any small metal objects, then pull the handle to release the objects in the desired location. In addition, the Magnetic Bulk Lifter prevents injuries from sharp metal objects. Its heavy duty canister is lightweight and features an easy-to-grip handle. The super powerful magnet lifts up to one pound of 2-1/2" nails.
3-1/2" dia. x 6-3/4" high
Price: $36.00
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